DriTac Flooring, LLC is an American owned and operated company. AKA DryTac. DriTac manufactures time-tested adhesives and installation products for wood floors. Even though the DriTac wood flooring injection repair kit has been around for awhile, for those of you homeowners with wood floors, it is always a good idea to have a handy repair kit.

The most common question I am asked is how to I remove dark urine stains from hardwood floors. Read this and you'll find out how do this and take care of other accidental spills on your floors. I think I've covered it all in this article.

Wood filler is also known as wood putty and less commonly as wood patch. It is one of those products that is always good to have in your home repair kit. Wood putty is a handy item but it will not solve all your wood floor problems.

In most cases the three wood flooring members (the joist, subfloor and finished hardwood) have separated, and the nails binding them are moving in the nail holes. A little dust in these nail shafts makes the boards squeak. That's why talc, wax and graphite offer a temporary solution. But why not try a permanent fix for your squeaky wood floors?

Well, the first thing to do, is to dry out the floor surface and more importantly the subfloor, so that the boards don't continue to warp. In fact if you have a plywood subfloor, it going to be very difficult drying the underside of all the hardwood floor boards affected, because of the waterproof nature of plywood.

This article will teach you how to repair a hardwood floor. Before you start, make sure you know a supplier of this same size and species of wood floor. Take a sample to your hardwood floor supplier that caters to tradesmen. The salesmen in some floor boutiques have limited knowledge, so you'll have to find a hardwood floor specialty shop.

Water, water vapor, humidity and moisture all have something in common: they all damage wood floors. The opposite is true when you have extreme cold and dry weather. This can also damage wood floors.

Often when people have moisture in their wood floors, they do not know the cause of damage. Homeowners will even question the craftsmanship of the wood floor installer when they see warped floorboards.

Many homeowners are not aware of how humidity affects wood floors until they experience it first hand. Oftentimes, the wood floor installer has laid the floorboards too quickly and skipped a critical first step.

The Squeak-Ender is designed only for floors that have already been installed. If you have not yet installed your wood floors, I highly recommend reading my article, "Avoiding Squeaks and Pops when Nailing Down a New Strip Floor".

Some people think mold only grows in an old house with old wood floors. This is a myth. Mold can live on your hardwood floors whether they are new or old. It can occur in both old and new buildings.

If you have never experienced mold, you need to take necessary measures so that it will never occur. Mold is a mess and a health hazard! It is fungi. Mold eats and grows just like we do. A tree, even after it is harvested and turned into floorboards, contains fatty acids, sugars, starches, proteins and lipids.