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We recently bought a house which has, the owner told us, solid oak flooring downstairs. She left a special floor mop and a Polycare spray, but I have just used these (after vacuuming) on the kitchen floor and it now looks duller than the hallway, which I only vacuumed. Have I used the wrong substance or done something wrong? I misted the floor (as per the bottle instructions) and then mopped it dry again with the special mop with its cotton cover. Will the floor gradually regain its sheen or is it permanently dulled, and which product would you recommend as a polish?

Thank you - I really need some help with this as I don't want to ruin the floors!



Dear Lynda

Please read my floor maintenance article in the Floored News section (both parts), it should say it all. And you may try the Cleaning Center for the proper and inexpensive mops also. I mention their web site in the article.

In this kitchen you are probably overdue for a re-coating, as also suggested in the article, this may be why it is so dull.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.

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