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I am in need of a temporary wood floor protection material for a customer of mine to be use during the final stages of his construction projects.

He said he saw a material once that was like a woven or spun type of fabric material.



Dear Jim

There is an interlocking mat available at Home Depot. It comes in various colors and is advertised as a kids? play mat. If you put a layer of gray construction paper down first, then some plastic, and then the mat you will have quite good protection. If this is too expensive try using 1/4" plywood as the top sheet. But I have found it always takes 3 layers. The paper serves as a cushion, to avoid scratches, the plastic will repel the water and paint spills. And the cushion mats or plywood will prevent dents when someone drops a heavy skill saw on this floor. And they will.

Oh, you can duct tape the plywood together at the seams for a long job, but check it every day. This system can only be applied to a floor finish that has cured for about a month. You don't want to use a woven mat because dirt will sift through it and once a pebble is walked on it will dent the floor. Don't ever put plastic directly on a floor finish, the plasticizers in the plastic sheet can migrate into the floor finish after weeks or months of contact, and stick in a gooey mess. That's also what the paper is for.

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