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I'm installing 3/4" maple T&G prefinished. I have 3/4" T&G Advantech. Do I use staples or nails and why?



Dear Ron

Only use proper floor cleats or nails (same thing). They were developed over 50 years ago for just hardwood flooring. I have used them my whole 23 year career with no problems.

Staples on the other hand were not designed for hardwood floor use, read my article about the Primatech floor nailers for more details on this. Use the search box at the top of the web page to find this article. There is a good explanation of this controversy in the Primatech web site. And Virginia Tech University also did this same study, concluding that the staples will actually harm the wood floor. The maple floor association recommends against the use of floor staples to its members. Need I go on? I will do a future article concerning this and other poor modern construction material and practices, when I get some more research done.

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