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We spoke on the telephone a couple weeks back concerning my oak floors, I have taken your advice, I have resanded my floors and read your 3 articles... however wondering where I can purchase the heavy duty poly you mention in the poly without bubbles article?

Looking for a TO supplier?

btw, I have found the Poly article the most informing...




Dear Jeff

Thanks for the purchase, and the praise, it is much appreciated. You can buy the Fabulon Brand Professional Polyurethane Super Satin (that's the Canadian name go figure) finish at the Hardwood Floor Center at Weston Rd. just below the 401. Call them at (416) 244 - 9919 to make sure they have it in stock. You should be paying them about $105 per 5 US gal.

Any more questions you may have on this subject or clarifications of the articles feel free to write again at no cost. I hope you have enjoyed this personal service, real human responses are the best.

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