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Nice article...

Question: I can't find the unfinished smaller 4" by 4" square edged parquet you recommend. Any suggestions where to look?



Dear Jason

Yes it's too bad, but this is becoming a rare product. I know old installers who have installed millions of square feet of this stuff from the 60's up to the late 80's. I now know only one company that still makes this time tested parquet.

Here is the link directly to their web product page http://www.groleauinc.com/en/products/t06t19.php

The T19 product is what I always use. They have a page to request a local distributor. I know of one in the Brampton Ontario, if that's any help.

Oh, by the by I heard some rumors that they may discontinue making this fine parquet, (due to lack of interest) so order up fast. I do hope they were just rumors.

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