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I just discovered hardwoodfloors in the home i purchased. They're in good shape except for the previous owners Stapled padding to the floor. What is the safest way for me to remove the staples without causing damage to the floor?



Dear Kim

I use a Lee Valley's restorer's cat's paw at www.leevalley.com (prod. # 60K21.06). It will get under most of the staples and with it's large surface prying against the wood, with care it shouldn't harm the wood.

And for really stubborn staples, ones that have broken in half, I use the nail puller, Prod. # 64K02.01.

And if that just snaps some off, simply use a fine nail set to set the errant staple wire below the surface (prod. # 23K17.01).

You can then fill all the little holes with a colored latex putty (#80K86.01), but be sure to wipe it off BEFORE it dries with a wet rag.

As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.

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