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I have recently had wood floors redone and stained. Two coats of satin polyurethane were applied, with a final high-gloss polyurethane. But it's too shiny. Can the final coat of high-gloss be sanded and a satin finish re-applied to have less of a high gloss look



Dear Ari

You can have whatever sheen you want, and that is determined by the last coat in any case. You should have 3 coats of finish over that stain anyway. The existing finish is simply screened (like scuff sanding) and vacuumed and washed with solvent. Allow the solvent to dry. Then the coat of satin finish poly ( I highly recommend the Fabulon brand heavy duty pro poly) is BRUSHED on by an experienced floor mechanic.

Don't use a lamb's wool applicator. You could could do this yourself, but why not pay about 60 cents per square foot and watch the pros do it. As always your Most humble servant, Joseph, the Wood Floor Doctor.

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